Sports broadcasting looked like it would finally be joining the 21st century, with a new streaming service called NFL Now, but of course it clutches on to traditional means without moving to online streaming. Just a few days before Super Bowl XLVIII, the NFL announced that it will launch a new platform for fans to follow teams online.
The announcement was held at a press event today in New York City, just a few miles from where the big game is set to take place this weekend. At the event, the National Football League introduced their new digital network, called NFL Now, a service that is set to offer “personalized stream of content” for fans around the country.
This service won’t be adding online live-streaming, at least not yet. There will be on-demand games that it will offer, and sports highlights and other information about teams, coaches and players. Content from, the NFL Network and NFL Films will be coming to the service as well.
The content will be ad supported, so there will not be a cost, most likely because it does not offer live-games, but it will be free for users. The company did vaguely refer to new original programming that will be aired on the service, but would not go into details at the event.
The new NFL Now service will come to iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, Xbox One and “across select consoles and streaming devices,” according to the announcement.
Then the company announced Now Plus, this is a subscription-based account set to give paying customers, “premium video content and features.” The company did not state the cost of Now Plus. Commisioner Roger Goodell stated that media content, “has been a key component in the growth and success of the NFL over the past 50 years.” The service is set for July, no word yet on pricing or if live-streaming will be available for next season.