Robert Pattinson fans should be excited that the popular actor is returning to the big screen, sharing time with Guy Pearce as well. The studio A24 released the first trailer for the film, named ‘The Rover’.
This movies will be another Distopian future, a popular theme with movies now from The Hunger Games to Divergent, is set in Australia and will be David Michod. Behind the scenes as Producers, stand Liz Watts, David Linde and Michod in total.
The story itself is based on the collapse of the western economic system, another hot-topic from the headlines. In this world you will find Pearce, a surviving traveler roaming the Australian plains. It isn’t long before he is met by a gan of bandits, the group Pattinson belongs with, and the gang makes off with vehicle. In the attack, Pattinson is hurt and is left to die by his gang-friends, he then is forced to help track them down for Pearce.
Although the film is slated for Summer 2014, there is no official release window at this time.