Budweiser has acquired quite the reputation for popular Super Bowl commercials, what once were funny or quirky (remember the frogs?) the company now goes for heart-warming and inspiring. The follow-up to last year’s commercial “Brotherhood,” is now out. This time a new puppy comes to melt your heart, with all of the small dog’s puppy powers.
In the film actor Don Jeanes returns to his role, located at Warm Springs Ranch in Missouri, this is the spot where Budweiser raises the company’s famous Clydesdale horses. New Actress, former swimsuit model, Melissa Keller also is featured in the video as well. Keller plays the owner of a puppy adoption center located near the stables.

It’s a touching tale of friendship, between a puppy and a horse, set against the popular hit “Let Her Go” by Passenger. The commercial is one of Budweiser’s 60-second ads, There is also “A Hero’s Welcome” featuring a parade the company gave 1st Lt. Chuck Nadd when he returned home from a tour in Afghanistan.
Let Her Go – All the Little Lights