It appears the world wasn’t ready for Frankenstein’s monster to return, the film ‘I, Frankenstein’ had a dismal opening this weekend at the weekend box-office. In a rare miss for Lionsgate, the film only pulled in an estimated $8.3 million in ticket sales.
i-frankenstein-insertIf this film was a low-budget horror movie a cool $9 million wouldn’t be that terrible, but with a budget of $65 million the film is off to a terrible start. That budget doesn’t even include all of the marketing costs and ad-campaigns that the film used to generate the lousy $8.3 million in ticket sales.
Cursed with a slow month in ticket-growth, awful film-reviews and a rebooted franchise, the film failed to take on “Ride Along” and “Lone Survivor,” two film from Universal that are taking the top-spots. “Ride Along” brought in $21.2 million, bringing the film’s total to $75.4 million in just two-weeks. Then you have “Lone Survivor,” which brought in $12.6 million in it’s fifth week, now with a total of $93.6 million in sales.
Frankenstein’s revival isn’t the only disappointment at the box-office, “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” from Paramount pictures only brought in an estimated $8.8 million this weekend, finishing week-two with only $30.2 million in total sales.