Nicole Kidman’s Grace of Monaco to premiere at 67th Cannes Film Festival

Earlier today the Weinstein Company confirmed that ‘Grace of Monaco’ will premiere to audiences at the 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival. This comes just after it was announced that the studio would be removing the film from the Weinstein’s film-release schedule.
Nicole-Kidman-InsertIf you have been following along, the project has seen a series of delays and confusing release-date notifications. The latest delay, from the latest March 14 release date, was reportedly due to the film not being delivered to the Weinstein Company on time, this delayed the production of the proper marketing that the film needs, and ultimately delayed the release again (third time). The Weinstein company did not confirm or deny why the film was delayed for the third time.
Originally the film was scheduled to release back in November 2013, at that time it was reported that director, France’s Olivier Dahan, and Harvey Weinstein could not come to an agreement over the final-cut and had to delay the premiere.
Shortly after that delay Nicole Kidman spoke with VF magazine about the role, she is playing the iconic Grace Kelly in the film, stating, “I think Grace Kelly had to realize that she was going to step into playing the greatest role of her life . . . And a princess is a particular part. So you give up an enormous amount for that. As the film sort of implies, she rose to the occasion in playing out what she saw as her destiny.”
Now we move to present day, where we will wait until the premiere of the film at the 67th Cannes Festival on May 14, and hopefully learn of it releasing nationally at some point after the screening.

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