Since Comic-Con 2013 we haven’t heard much from the upcoming film ‘X-Men Days of Future Past,’ and to make up for it the studio has released a new teaser trailer offering some insight into the film. The video is a teaser for the upcoming trailer, set to release on Monday, and released from director Bryan Singer.
Though Singer made the announcement of things to come, the video was posted to the official “X-Men” movies’ Instagram account. Though short, there are a few important scenes that fans won’t want to miss. Fans should remember Singer as the Director of “X2: X-Men United,” he came back to the franchise to Direct the latest installment.
In the video you will catch Wolverine trying not to drown, as Michael Fassbender makes an appearance as young Magneto, again imprisoned. Then you can catch Warpath (played by Booboo Stewart (no relation sadly), Sunspot (Adan Canto) and Blink (Fan Bingbing).

If you’re hoping to catch Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, then you need not worry, the popular actress can be found with Magneto. Then the film jumps to the (present/future) with the always perfect Ian McKellen in the role of Magneto standing with Bobby “Iceman” Drake, played by Shawn Ashmore. You can’t have Magneto running about without James McAvoy as Professor Charles Xavier.
The next video is only a few days away, so stay tuned and get ready for more mutant mayhem.