The newly polished ‘Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition’ has received a new trailer this morning. Square Enix put together a short video offering fans a better look at the updated title, comparing the Definitive Edition of the PS4 and Xbox One to the previous console’s work.
The launch trailer shows off the new face and hair texturing, with startling more realistic depictions of the sweat, blood and tears that Lara endures when she is stuck on the horrific island. Not only did Lara and her ponytail receive an upgrade, the island itself was refreshed with better textures and detailing thanks to the new rendering power of the next-gen consoles.

Not only will players get the prettier version of the game, they will also receive all of the DLC that was released with it as well. Also included in the package is the digital version of the Dark Horse comic, an art-book and a few videos from the developers themselves. You still have time to pre-order the game, though not much, the new edition is set to release on January 28.
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