PlanetSide 2 outlines future content, new Continent and Outfit bonuses

The ongoing war that players take part in with PlanetSide 2 is always changing, and so is the content. The developers gave a few hints at what will be inbound over the next few months, and it should be a welcomed gift for those in Outfits.
The following bits are from the Roadmap update, which provides PlanetSide 2 fans ,”with an outline of all the great content, updates and features players will see between now and June.” The dates are just temporary at the moment, a fixed date for the content will be available as the project moves farther along in development.
Here are a few things that you can look forward to in the roadmap updates:

  • Outfit Recruiting:  Rolling with an outfit in PlanetSide 2 is really making the most of what the game has to offer in a number of different ways, so we want to make the process of finding an outfit and finding new recruits easier for everyone involved.
  • New Continent: Hossin  Adding a brand new continent: Hossin, a swamp covered continent.
  • Continent Locking:  Continent Locking (or the “Continental Lattice” in the post-lattice era) is on the horizon and will hopefully enhance the feel and depth of PlanetSide 2’s overall metagame significantly.
  • Outfit Base Capture:  If your outfit is the top contributor to a base capture, we’ll identify the facility/outpost as “belonging” to your outfit.

more info: planetside2