Naughty Dog’s survival-hit ‘The Last of Us’ is getting ready to drop its first DLC expansion for the single-player campaign. The company also released a new video for the DLC, which you can see below. The game won several ‘Game of the Year’ awards, and for good reason, the title has been hit at every award show in the industry.
Although fans have a little bit less than a month of waiting still, the story-driven epilogue was written by Neil Druckmann and starring Ashley Johnson as Ellie and Yaani King as Riley, “Ellie’s older and arguably wiser friend.” This according to the official post on the Playstation Blog announcing the video.

The description left for fans is as follows, “Set before Joel and Ellie meet in The Last of Us, Left Behind will focus strongly on Ellie and Riley, adding intriguing new wrinkles to Ellie’s future relationship with Joel, as well as immersive details about the game’s decaying world.”
The DLC will be released on February 14, 2014.