A short teaser for The Strain promises that the darkness is coming

FX has released a short teaser-trailer for the upcoming series ‘The Strain,’ although the video is short it does do a fairly good job and foreshadowing the horrible events that are in-store for viewers. The new series is yet another vampire-based series, from the workings of Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan.
Featuring Corey Stoll, these dries is based the written work of the same name. The new 13 episodes will introduce the city that the story takes place in, hit with a mysterious vampire virus that is devastating the city.

Carlton Huse took on the project as show runner, the series is more frightful than sexy we should add. There are enough sexy vampires all over the television for fans to enjoy, these are the more horrific ones. Fans still have a while to wait however before the premiere episode, that won’t be available until July.

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