Coming back after an Academy Award winning year, Anne Hathaway once again won over the crowd at Sundance with her new film ‘Song One’. The actress attended the event in Park City, answered questions and beamed with pride as the audience erupted into applause at the end of the screening.
The premiere was held earlier this evening (Monday) with Anne talking about the film and her experiences with the new crew. It was mostly pleasantries, with Hathaway stating, “I like beautiful movies,” adding, “I think they come in all sizes.” The film seemed to be an instant hit with those attending, afterwards many people were asking about the soundtrack, and particular tracks that were used in the score. The indie-folk collection should be a small commercial hit within itself, both from what seems to become a popular movie, and for the work on its own. Hathaway talked about the songwriting team (comprised of the very talented Jenny Lewis and Johnathan Rice), saying, “I really like working with people who inspire me.”
After the screening there was a short Q&A, were Director Kate Barker-Froyland talked about the core of the film, music, adding simply, “I was really fascinated by music bringing people together.” The film held a particular interest to Kate, who is no stranger to music or the industry, as Barker-Froyland is the daughter of the co-chair to Sony Pictures Classics.
The film was shot right here in New York, with an interesting yet simple premise behind it. The film itself is the story of a young archaeologist (played by Hathaway) who is forced to return home after her brother is injured in an accident. It is back at home when she meets and falls for the brother’s favorite musician.
Sony would seem to be the first studio that would pick this up, not just because of the affiliation, but because it stars an Academy Award winning talent that also received high-praised the moment it was screened. The film itself is currently in the U.S. Dramatic Competition at Sundance with no official buyer at this time.