Going into Sundance, Kristen Stewart’s upcoming drama on Guantanamo Bay named ‘Camp X-Ray’ was a film on almost everyone’s list. The screening did incredibly well at Sundance, with many viewers offering up a standing ovation when the film came to an end.
Kristen-Stewart-InsertThis isn’t Stewart’s (no relation sadly) first time at Sundance, in 2010 she attended for the premiere of “The Runaways,” but her film “Camp X-Ray” is looking like it will be one of the star’s best ever performances. The screening was held earlier this afternoon (Friday) at the lovely Eccles Theater in Park City, Utah.
This project is from first time, feature-director Peter Sattler and it’s a moving and knowladgeable piece on a very controversial topic. The story is of prison guard Amy (played by Stewart), stationed at Guantanamo Bay. It is at this place where she meets an inmate being held there, (another outstanding performance played by Payman Maadi). The film of course was shot nowhere near the actual location, but set design was astonishingly well done.
Stewart, in the past, has been criticized for her somewhat cold-approach to acting, but here its a perfect for this character. It adds another layer of bubbling inner-conflict to the soldier, who more often than not is more statuesque than a regular person would be. It’s refreshing to see Stewart in a role that fits her acting a little better, and she should be very exceed to see the film’s release.