Walking Dead fans got a treat his afternoon, AMC released a new trailer to highlight the upcoming midseason return named ‘We’re Not Too Far Gone’. AMC gave fans a short preview of the show’s midseason return on YouTube with the trailer, named from the line “We’re not too far gone,” from Rick Grimes.
This will mark the second half of “The Walking Dead” Season 4. The midseason finale of the series was called, “Too Far Gone” it was also the name of the comic in the series that the show is based on. As expected Grimes and his followers have a tough realization to come to, and ask themselves if they could ever really return to life as they knew it once, even if a “cure” was even discovered.

In the trailer you will see what was once the safe-haven of the prison, now in ruin. There are a ton of zombies to fit your quota as well as the series returns to AMC February 9.