Just last week the first poster from Adult World was released, now we have the first trailer for the highly anticipated film. The new indie-comedy is getting a lot of buzz as we head into Sundance this week, and judging by the trailer it’s all well deserved.
Roberts takes on the role of a struggling poet, tired of her lack of success her parents ask her to get a real job while her stagnant poetry career goes nowhere. It’s when Roberts goes looking for this job that she finds the sign “literally and figuratively” and it’s for a job opening.
This job is for an adult film store, which is run by the glorious Cloris Leachman. It’s there that she meets Evan Peters, the manager of the store and an instant attraction is born. Her love of poetry never dies however and that brings in the older writer John Cusack. The trailer below was featured on Yahoo! Movies.

Now Roberts has a chance to get published, but in erotica and Cusak is tempted by an awkward Roberts. You may have seen “Adult World” when it was featured here at the Tribeca Film Festival. Now IFC Films will release the film in theaters nationwide , it will also hit digital distribution right around Valentine’s Day.