Game-of-Thrones-InsertPretty soon you will be able to watch all of the Game of Thrones that you can handle, straight from your PS3 or PS4. Sony confirmed that an HBO Go application would be coming to the PS3 first, and then soon to follow on the PS4.
A post on the official Playstation Blog the company states, “HBO CEO Richard Plepler announced that HBO and PlayStation have partnered to offer the popular HBO GO app − first on PlayStation 3, with PlayStation 4 to follow.” Sony stated that with the HBO GO app on your PlayStation system and an HBO subscription via your cable or satellite provider, “you’ll have unlimited, on-demand access to your favorite HBO shows, like Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire and True Detective. HBO GO offers every episode of every season of the network’s best shows. You can also enjoy hit movies, sports, documentaries, and comedy specials, as well as special behind-the-scenes extras.”
No word yet on a PS Vita application, no doubt the handheld would make a fantastic second-screen to catch up on your favorite HBO series while away from the television.