DC Universe Online is packing in the content with a new update that players can add to their Base and it’s a new Armory. Armories are a consumable marketplace item that allows players to set up and save virtually every aspect of their character, from weapons and load outs, to power and skill point allocations.
The largest marketplace addition to date gives players the ability to quickly adapt to any situation by switching to different character builds. Each character can have up to four Armories per Base — for a total of 16 — and up to four active in the field. Players can trigger an Armory anytime while out of combat or in PvE combat with a cooldown.
Players will receive their first Armory for free on each character after completing a specific mission. Additional Armory bundles are priced at:
One Armory – $6 ($6 per Armory)
4-Pack – $20 ($5 per Armory)
8-Pack – $32 ($4 per Armory)
Armories can be purchased with Station Cash on PC and Marketplace Cash on PSN, and are also available through the Loyalty Vendor for Loyalty Points.