A new comedy starring Elizabeth Banks is set to premiere this Spring 2014. Although this is the first trailer for the film, it is technically a little far behind. The film has a release date of April 25th, at three months away that’s not a whole lot of time to get a few new trailers out.
The film was directed by Steven Brill, he also wrote the script that co-stars James Marsden and Gillian Jacobs. That being said, here is the first trailer below, showing Elizabeth Banks as a budding journalist or at least trying to be. Banks’ character has big dreams, to sit as anchor on the news when one bad date goes horribly wrong.
After a one night stand Bank’s attempts to quietly slip out without being seen, still wearing the yellow dress from the night before (we have all done it) but for Banks it gets much worse.

Banks is in the middle of nowhere in Downtown L.A. and isn’t long before the entire world is watching her walk home. “Omigod, there’s a woman in a yellow dress trying to cross the freeway,” the local news helicopter narrates in the trailer.