The kickstarter that launched the new Veronica Mars movie didn’t include a spinoff web series, but excitement around the film has encouraged the CW to create one anyway. Earlier today the network announced that it will launch a new web series based on the film, which is expected to release on March 14, 2014.
In the film Veronica is out of high-school, but she returns to California to aid her former boyfriend, who is now charged in a grisly murder. If you are a fan of the series fear-not, the show’s creator Rob Thomas is behind the new project as well according to THR.
Kristen Bell will be in the new movie (thank the stars) but there is no indication that she will be part of the new web-series. If you need your Kristen Bell fix, you can always catch her on House of Lies on Showtime. The original Veronica Mars series had quite the run, coming to a close in 2007, and if the web series does well there is a chance that the series could be reborn to television, but we will have to wait and see.

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