Mischa-Barton-InsertThunderBall Films and Mania Entertainment has signed Mischa Barton for the title role in the new film ‘Love Reclaimed,’ a biopic on Jean Harlow. The script was written by Finkelstein and follows the infamous 1932 scandal that plagued the late actress. Only two months after Harlow married MGM producer Paul Bern, he was found shot, dead at the scene in their Benedict Canyon residence.
Though she isn’t quite the household name she once was while filming the OC, Barton does have a few irons in the fire. She is currently filming “The Hoarder,” and will also appear in the indie-film “Starcrossed” later this year.
Producing the project is Nuala Barton and Mario Domina, while Adrian Finkelstein and Valerie Fanich will exec produce. Harlow herself was an accomplished actress, staring in dozens of films from the late 1920’s the the late 1930s. The actor died from kidney failure in 1937. 1930s, died in 1937 of kidney failure.