When children and young-adults everywhere will be picking out their pencils and laptops, Alienware will be selling the company’s first STEAM machine. Dave Oshry, a video game marketing exec attending Valve’s Steam Dev Days developer summit, Tweeted earlier that Alienware plans to release the new console/hybrid this September.
Dell has kept the specs of Alienware’s machine a secret and as one of the leading distributers of gaming hardware, Alienware is one of the best hopes for a decently priced version of Valve’s new product line. The point of a STEAM machine it seems is not to convert the PC playing generation of today, but instead to lure future next-gen game console buyers into thinking about a different platform than the three versions available now (Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony).
We know that it will have an Intel CPU and a Nvidia GPU, it can handle the games of today running at 1080p, we saw that at CES this year, but we don’t know the exact details yet. Those will come soon, and the world can throw their two-cents into the fountain at that time.