If you though Sheldon has met all of his heroes of pop-culture think again, two Start Wars cast mates are coming to the set of Big Bang Theory this year. We confirmed the guest appearances earlier this evening with CBS, who promises two big stars are heading to the guest-cast list later this month.
Executive producers, Bill Prady and Steve Molaro revealed the exciting news on the Golden Globes red carpet, when they shared that James Earl Jones (the iconic voice of Darth Vader) and Carrie Fisher (the one and only Princess Leia) are set to play themselves and will have an encounter with Sheldon in an upcoming episode. The episode will air on Thursday, January 30th at 8/7c.
The series continues to be a runaway hit for CBS, attracting more and more guest stars. It will be exciting to see James Earl Jones and Sheldon meet, and for some reason we all want to see what happens when/if Carrie Fisher meets Amy.