Ariana Grande back to work in the studio, recording second album

The life of a successful pop-princess is never dull, just off her 2013 breakout year Ariana Grande is already working on her new album. It’s been five-months since her last album was released (not much of a vacation Grande) that album was called ‘Yours Truly’ and she is getting ready to record the next.
Ariana-Grande-InsertThe teen-sensation took to Twitter to talk to her fans saying, “Back in the studio this week.” This fits with her earlier message saying that she was, “Back at it in the studio with @HarmonySamuels,” who was the producer on her hit single “The Way.” That was back in October, so you can bet that she has accomplished a lot since then and the studio-time will be spent laying down the final tracks needed for this year’s release.
There’s no release date in sight for the new album, Grande will most likely stick to the summer or fall timeline for her next release. Ariana Grande rode the holiday season in style, taking full advantage of her exploding popularity by releasing a holiday-themed album last year as well.
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