Broadway has been a goldmine for Disney, with the Lion King breaking records, Marry Poppins filling seats and Aladdin on the way it’s no surprise that Frozen will be heading to the stage as well. Last night ‘Frozen’ won a Golden Globe for best animated film and this morning Walt Disney CEO and chairman Bob Iger confirmed to Fortune Magazine that the company wants to make the film a Broadway musical.
Disney’s Iger said the company is in early discussions for a Broadway adaptation, so a premiere is still a long way away. Iger simply stated, “We’re demanding excellence,” and that it won’t release on stage until it’s good and ready. The film has seen tremendous success, it’s one of Disney’s highest grossing films this year, and took the number one spot in the all-time Disney Animation Film debut category. With almost $700 million in ticket sales around the world (not including most of the Asian markets) Disney has a sure fire franchise on their hands.
That’s what Iger hinted at in the interview, with the film soon to pass ‘Beauty and the Beast’ in sales (and a number one album on the charts) there is no signs of Frozen slowing down. Making the ice-story one of the hottest tickets Disney has ever had.