Saul-Goodman-InsertThe new Breaking Bad spinoff called ‘Better Call Saul’ now has a smaller premiere window. The AP has reported that the new series won’t start until November of 2014. Almost a year away, the target month may like a long time to wait but in just a few short months it will be summer, then we will be right back in the cold and getting ready for the premiere.
The character stems from the attorney-character that was introduced in the incredibly popular series ‘Breaking Bad,’ which came to its dramatic close this past year. Once again Bob Odenkirk will take on his role as the lawyer Saul Goodman, with his signature catch phrase intact of course. Not many details have been released about the Spinoff, more information on the timeframe and direction will be released as the series gets further along in production.
In the original Breaking Bad storyline, Saul Goodman was the attorney to Walter White, a shady and underhanded attorney to say the least but one that fans seemed to enjoy.