There is no denying that Kate Upton had an amazing 2013, and in 2014 she will be filming with Cameron Diaz in the new movie ‘The Other Woman,’ which is sure to boost her star-power even higher. The model is starting off the new year by taking two covers for the popular V magazine, which you can see below.
The shots above will appear on the cover of V magazine’s new spring issue. The covers reveal an even more scantily clad Upton (which we doubt the magazine will receive any complaints about…ever) and to top it off they have one burning question on the cover, “Why can’t Kate Upton keep her clothes on?”
We are going to assume that the answer is rather simple, because about 100% of her career is looking terrific without clothes. With a new movie on the horizon though Upton will hope to add actor to her resume for the next few years at least. Until then her terrific side-job of being a cover girl for fashion magazines should keep her happy as the checks keep flowing in.