The internet is sure to explode with .gifs when the Scarlett Johansson thriller ‘Under the Skin’ hits theaters this year. The A24 project now has confirmed with us an April 4 release date here in the United States. The sci-fi thriller has made some noise as it toured the film-circuit next year, showing off a very sexy, very deadly lead star.
Scarlette-Johansonn-InsertIt took but a day after the film showed at the Toronto Film Festival last year to get a distributer. The film was directed by Jonathan Glazer (“Sexy Beast”), stars Johansson as a dark alien predator who seeks out hitchhikers and others as prey.
It was Nick Wechsler and James Wilson who took on the project as producers, the movie is based on the Michael Faber’s 2001 novel and adapted by Walter Campbell and Glazer. “Skin” also screened at Telluride and Venice. You will have to hope that it comes to your city, it will only be a limited release on opening weekend but it will branch out further depending on how well it does in theaters.
Also opening that day is the Disney-Marvel’s “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” also featuring the lovely Johansson.