Perfect timing, just as we kick off our new Vine account the company has launched a new online profile manager for the web. The social-media company announced today, “we’re introducing a new way to experience Vine: on the web.” The setup is pretty simple, simply log in at and you will be able to, “view your home feed and like, comment, and share videos just as you do on our mobile apps,” explains the company.
“You can also visit your favorite users’ Vine profiles to browse the videos they’ve created since joining Vine. Plus, now you can share your profile with others so they can see your posts,” Vine stated in an official blog post earlier today.

There is also a new feature that was added exclusively on the web: TV Mode. Vine explains that the new service is, “an entirely new way to watch Vine videos. Click the TV Mode button in the upper right corner of your feed or any profile to view the collection of videos in sequence and in full screen mode.”
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