Even if you didn’t like the idea of a pink wedding dress, don’t think that newly married ‘Big Bang Theory’ star Kaley Cuoco can’t give you a few wedding design ideas. Like something out of the best Pintrest you can stumble upon, Kaley Cuoco’s upside wedding cake has everyone asking questions.
After marring Ryan Sweeting (the theme was fire-and-ice) the New Year’s Eve party kept on moving with a stunning six-tiered cake inverted under a crystal chandelier. Kaley Cuoco wrote, “TY to #thebutterend for creating our magical chandelier cake. Literally hanging above us. EPIC,” she is referring to The Butter End Cakery in L.A. who will now get more requests than ever we assume from their amazing work. Butter End owner Kimberly Bailey stated, “I had this vision: What if the chandelier was high and the cake was underneath it? So I told Kaley and she kind of lost it. She got very excited and said, ‘How do we even do that?’”

“We hung sandbags off of the chandelier to see how much weight it would bear,” Bailey told PEOPLE. She continued, “If you look at the second to bottom tier, there’s a big hole in it,” Bailey says. “That’s where she cut it. They cut it, they ate it.”