Ke$ha released a new music video just before the New Year’s Eve ball was about to drop last night. Filled with glitter, tearing clothes and a few wardrobe choices, it’s a unique sound for Ke$ha but with the same lovable attitude that make her videos so popular.
In between smiling, giggling and stripping, Ke$ha goes from leather to lingerie on stage for “Dirty Love”. At 26 Ke$ha doesn’t show any signs of slowing down for 2014 and we suspect fans wouldn’t want it any other way. This is the video released after her incredibly popular song “Timber” with Pitbull and this one seems to be an instant hit as well.

This isn’t just another video for the songwriter, instead of jumping onboard with another director, Ke$ha decided to make this her directorial debut. We wouldn’t say this video is safe for work by any means, and if you have seen a Ke$ha video in the past then you should know that this one even pushes the Ke$ha limits. That may seem impossible, and I wouldn’t have believed that to be true before this video.