Taylor-Swift-RoyaltyIt’s far too often that gossip headlines focus on every slip-up and dirty deed that our celebrities endure during their career, with that in mind it’s refreshing to think of the good deeds that a few select icons have under their belts.
The annual report from DoSomething.org lists the “The Top 20 Celebs Gone Good,” and at the top of that list is the 24 year-old pop sensation known as Taylor Swift. This is the second year in a row that Swift has taken the top spot on the list, and she shows no signs of slowing down in 2014.
Taking the title of most charitable celebrity of 2013 is no easy task, a lot of celebrities loosen their purse-strings for charities (for tax purposes or general desire for good deeds) and with a $100,000 donation to the Nashville Symphony, donating money to help build a school in Nashville, and making a special appearance for Prince William and Kate’s Winter Whites Gala for Centrepoint (shown on the right), Taylor Swift spreads her good fortune around to those in need across the globe.
Second on the list and yet another pop-star in their own right was One Direction, they raised in easy $3 million from their single “One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks),” that money went to the British charity Comic Relief. The group also raised over $800,000 on behalf of cancer research.
At the bottom of the list but sill in the top 20 was Justin Bieber, at 19 the pop-star didn’t have the greatest year of his career in 2013 but making it to the top 20 is a true achievement that anyone should be applauded for. Bieber was also the first ever recording artist to make over 200 Make-A-Wish dreams come true, and he himself donated $1.1 million to support Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts.
Any artist, performer or icon that makes the list deserves to be applauded for their efforts. You can checkout the full list at DoSomething.org.