Forget the Gold, Nike is prepping the 2014 American Olympic teams with silver and dark fleece this year. The new line is for the Sochi Olympics, leading the team will be the color silver and the color green going into this February.
During the medal events American athletes will be sporting the new Nike look, everyone obtaining a U.S. bronze, silver or gold medal will have the Aeroloft 800 Summit Jacket, with full Aeroloft insulation. The 800 refers to the 800-fill goose-down insulation with the new Team USA badge, Nike logo and USA insignia made from lenticular fabric (the fabric allows a color shift from blue to red depending on the angle that you are looking at it).

The new outfit also includes the Nike Flyknit Chukka, this piece has a synthetic wool lining and offers a water-resistant reflective skin for the wearer. From home we will see “Land of the Free” and “Home of the Brave” embroidered in the hand pockets, stars are located on the interior front of the jacket, but it is also printed in the shoes.
In a press-release describing the attire Nike stated, “We are very focused on the premium aspects of our brand and our product lines” Nike CEO Mark Parker stated on a conference call, “And as we bring new innovations to the market, we’re definitely trying to use those to help move margins higher.”