Fans that have been awaiting the first teaser-trailer for Johnny Depp’s latest film ‘Transcendence’ can get a look at the trailer at long last. The teaser is just a taste of course, a full length trailer will be released at a later date.
The film has Mr. Depp playing the role of Dr. Will Caster, a researcher specializing in artificial intelligence and absolutely obsessed with creating the world’s first sentient machine. In the trailer Dr. Caster states, “For 130,000 years, our capacity for reason has remained unchained. The combined intellect of the neuroscientists, engineers, mathematicians pales in comparison to even the most basic A.I. Once online, a sentient machine will quickly overcome the limits of biology”.

The chilling voice continues, “In a short time, its analytical power will be greater than the collective intelligence of every person born in the history of the world. Some scientists refer to this as the singularity. I call it transcendence.”
Behind the scenes is executive producer Christopher Nolan, it is Nolan’s often used cinematographer, a man by the name of Wally Pfister, who is making his directing debut with the film. Quite the accomplished cinematographer, Pfister already has earned an oscar for his work on the popular thriller – Inception.
Also appearing in the film are Rebecca Hall, Morgan Freeman, Paul Bettany, Kate Mara and Cillian Murphy. Warner Bros. has the film set for April 18, 2014.