Amazon Studios announced a new product innovation to help writers, Amazon Storybuilder. Based on the popular method of outlining a screenplay with paper notecards, Amazon Storybuilder takes notecarding and makes it digital, giving screenwriters the ability to lay out digital notecards on a virtual corkboard to capture the beats of their story. With Amazon Storybuilder, notecards are saved online instead on a physical board, giving users access to their projects whenever and wherever inspiration strikes – on their computer, tablet or smartphone.
Currently in beta, Amazon Storybuilder lets writers add text and images to their notecards to help inform each story concept. Writers using Amazon Storybuilder may also invite trusted reviewers to privately look at Amazon Storybuilder notecards and provide feedback or share new ideas. For more information on how to get started with Amazon Storybuilder.
“Technology is already transforming how filmed entertainment is produced and distributed, and many of the tools writers use to craft stories could become more accessible with a technology update—paper notecards are a perfect example,” said Roy Price, director of Amazon Studios. “With Amazon Storybuilder, we are translating a writer’s physical index cards and corkboard into the digital world and giving them access to their ideas anywhere they are—if an idea pops up writers can edit their digital corkboard instantly on any mobile device. We can’t wait to hear what creators think of Amazon Storybuilder.”
Amazon Storybuilder is free to use and Amazon Studios acquires no ownership or option rights on projects created using the tool. Amazon Storybuilder follows the launch of Amazon Studios’ first script development tool, Amazon Storyteller, which launched last June as a free online tool that turns scripts into storyboards, complete with characters and dialogue that can then be shared with others for feedback.
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