Starting today, you can expect to start hearing Ron Burgundy quotes and one-liners peppered throughout your workday. The highly anticipated follow-up to the Anchorman films hits AMC theaters today with their 2013 Premiere Superticket. The superticket is a nice packaged deal for fans that are going to see the film. The ticket includes a special screening of the film before everybody else at 730PM. Plus, you’ll get some Burgundy approved extras, like a $5 concession bonus card, an immediate digital download of WAKE UP, RON BURGUNDY: THE LOST MOVIE and a digital download of ANCHORMAN 2 weeks before it hits Blu-ray and DVD.
If you can’t make it to the theater tonight, you can still see the movie starting December 18th until January 9 with the ANCHORMAN 2 Superticket and you’ll get all of the same awesome extras. As an extra bonus, AMC put together this lovely info graphic below, to help prepare yourself for everything that is Ron Burgundy.
more info: amc-theaters