Kindle-Paperwhite-InsertIf you want to go old-school, the original Kindle is $20 off this afternoon at Amazon, the price has been reduced to just $49 from the regular price of $69. The Kindle is still a hot-item on the Amazon sales-charts, despite the fact that newer models have been released over the years.
Still dominating the charts in the e-Reader market is the newly developed Kindle Paperwhite. You have probably seen the commercials on TV, where couples sit in a faux living room in the middle of a city block and compare the Paperwhite to their current reading situation.
On our site we loved the Kindle Paperwhite when we spent some time with it, and it’s easily the best e-Reader in it’s class, though for $49 having an extra e-Reader on hand is pretty tempting. You can checkout the official promotional page for the Kindle line, including Amazon’s newly released Kindle Fire HDX line of tablets below.
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