John-Mayer-Katy-PerryEarlier this morning John Mayer and Katy Perry released the music-video that goes along with their duet-single ‘Who You Love’, and it’s just as charming as you thought it might be. The couple are seen frolicking around different locations, reminding us how sweet life could be at the top during the holidays.
The couple released the video on Good Morning America earlier this morning (December 17, 2013), and it shows the couple serenading each other, talking about their relationship, and holding back smiles at times.
The headlines were all a flutter when John Mayer (36), and Katy Perry (29) were seen back together and attending events, and looking quite lovely. In the video you can watch Mayer and Perry play with a confetti cannon, roaming the desert, singing to the camera and even sitting atop a mechanical bull.
You can find the song on iTunes, or on Amazon, depending on where you like to download your digital music from, it’s a nice backdrop to your holiday gift-giving. Unless of course your single (like me) in which case it just makes you feel a little extra alone (thanks you two).
The video can only be seen on Yahoo’s page, here.
more info: itunes, amazon