Xbox One Controller InsertEver since the Nintendo Wii sold-out across the country back in 2006, leaving hurried shoppers without a console to purchase for the holidays, stock of consoles is usually the first thing people think of at launch. When the Xbox One and the PS4 released in November, it only took a few hours for every online store to quickly sell through their initial stock of the popular consoles.
As the weeks went on both the Xbox One and the PS4 sporadically appeared on popular sites like Best Buy, Amazon and Newegg but neither of these stores kept enough in stock throughout the last month to have a steady supply that you could rely on for a later purchase.
Of all the top online stores Amazon and Best Buy have been the best bets for finding the rarest of the console pair, the PS4. Since the launch both retailers have had three instances that the PS4 has been in stock, but they have sold out in mere minutes. Amazon even offered an added bundle, pairing the new Kindle Fire HDX with the PS4 (without offering a discount) and it too sold-out in mere minutes.
PS4-Hardware-InsertAs of this article we have seven days 9 days until Christmas Eve, and Amazon has stock of the Xbox One all afternoon. The PS4 may still be a no-show online but some stores may carry it as we get closer to Christmas. Amazon with its free two-day shipping option for PRIME members is perfect for the holidays, as we get closer and closer to Christmas Eve the need for faster shipping is only intensified. If you are waiting for a PS4, keep waiting for now, we will announce when they are available again on our Twitter, but if you are looking for an Xbox One, then you can pick one up as earlier as tonight.
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