Emilie-Clarke-ProfileReports are coming in that Emilia Clark, of HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones, is set to take the new role of Sarah Conner in the upcoming Terminator film. The film is set to be directed by Alan Taylor, the same director that worked on the HBO series with Clarke, and Jason Clarke, is in talks to play son John Connor. For this to work obviously more time traveling will be at play in the series.
Arnold Schwarzenegger will also be returning to the film as the classic cyborg as well. According to reports the role of Sarah Conner was between Brie Larson and Clarke. Paramount is set to release the film in July 2015 though an exact date hasn’t been named yet.
Fans know Clarke best for her role as the Mother of Dragons on Game of Thrones. Her character goes by the name Daenerys Targaryen. We will of course have more information on her role in the film as the project moves further along in production.