Kristen-Stewart-InsertKristen Stewart has been expanding her roles, diving into grittier indie-films and overall achieving a lot for a young actor; now she can ad global marketing campaign to those lists of accomplishments. Stewart was already the face of Balenciaga fragrance, and Karl Lagerfeld has chosen the young starlet as the new face of Chanel, going into the 2013-2014 Métiers d’Arts ad campaign.
Making it even more astounding, Lagerfeld himself will shoot the ad campaign. The first ads of which are scheduled to hit this May 2014. Stewart (nor relation sadly) and Lagerfeld were both in Dallas yesterday (Tuesday) to make the announcement.
Previous faces and marketing campaigns went to stars like Diane Kruger, Blake Lively and even Brad Pitt for a short moment. The ads should be popping up everywhere, from billboards to magazines to internet placings this Spring 2014.