If you are using an Android or iOS device, then you should checkout the newly designed Spotify application. The company announced today that the service will offer the same free-music that desktop users have been enjoying for sometime now.
The music of course will be ad-supported, and there are some restrictions. Mobile users will be forced to use a “shuffle mode” meaning that they won’t have direct control over the songs that are played, but will have them for free (like radio for the last few decades).
Spotify expanded into 20 new markets today, and the new shuffle-service will be available in all of them. Formerly, Spotify users had to pay a $9.99/per month fee if they wanted to listen to music on their mobile devices. Tablets weren’t constrained to this fee though, they were operating the same as desktops. Spotify also took the time to announce they had signed on Led Zeppelin as well.
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