Daniel-Tosh-InsertGetting an extended three-seasons in one day is no small achievement, but Daniel Tosh just settled his deal with Comedy Central for just that. The comedian will continue with his viral-video series named “Tosh.0″ which will remain on Comedy Central’s schedule until at least 2016.
In a statement released today from the network programming chief Kent Alterman said, “We believe ‘Tosh.0’ has the potential to resonate with our audience,” adding “We want to give it time to connect.” Daniel is only in his fifth season at the network so fay, he dominates the men aged 18-24 demo in Tuesday nights with an impressive 3 million viewers.
The comedian tends to make small appearance and does find time to fit in short-tours when he is not on the screen, the series has a relatively small-overhead, with just Daniel taking up most of the screen time. Daniel also provides a voice for Comedy Central’s animated series ‘Brickleberry’.