Early today the Las Vegas living Britney released the video for her latest single off Britney Jean, and it involves a love-triangle with another woman. The video was directed by the same man that directed her popular “Toxic” video, Joseph Kahn, and it features Britney lusting after model Alexander Kjellevik .
Everything starts off great with the couple, nighttime chats and soft embraces, then we see Britney alone in her bed; worried that her model-boyfriend is cheating on her with another woman. Then Cindy texts, and of course its dramatic and heartbreaking. The terrible beau even gave this Cindy a ring that in-video Britney gave to him earlier in the video. It’s just so hard for Britney to find the right guy, hopefully in her next video she will end up with the model and live happily ever after.
The video is from the song “Perfume,” which can be found on the album below on iTunes.
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