As everyone else is bulking-up for the holidays, Square is trimming down. The tiny credit-card reader has released a new version of the hardware that is 45% thinner than the previous model, while improving its features and reliability.
Square now has the tagline, “thinnest mobile card reader on the market,” an impressive achievement in the growing trend of mobile-merchants. The company made the announcement earlier today (Monday) stating that they have made overall improvements to the card-reader, the making of thinner model came after a redesign of the gadgets internal components over the past several months.
The audio plug features a new design, now with improved communications that will allow it to work with more third-party peripherals. Hot off the market, the new Square Reader is expected to be found in nearly 30,000 retail stores nationwide beginning in 2014.
Parties that would like to pick up the new Square for their own use at home, or small-business needs, can get one from the company’s website below.
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