Aron-Ralston-InsertReports have been confirmed that the subject of the popular film ‘127 Hours’ starring James Franco, a man named Aron Ralston, has been arrested on suspicion of domestic violence. The public met Aron Ralston after his traumatic ordeal following being trapped under a rock in a Utah canyon for several days. Aron Ralston was soon after a best-selling book author and sold the rights to make the before mentioned film.
Ralston is now 38, and the reports indicate that he was arrested Saturday night and taken to a Denver County jail. Aron Ralston currently faces one count of assault and one count of “wrongs to minors,” this according to jail records. Earlier today a spokeswoman with the Denver Police Department told a reporter at Reuters she could not provide details of the incident at this time.
Ralston was force to amputate his right forearm with only a pocketknife, he did this to free himself from the trapped canon-floor in the Utah canyon area. The book that he wrote was called, “Between a Rock and a Hard Place.” The movie was nominated for six Academy Awards, one of those included Best Picture. Aron Ralston is now awaiting a court date for tomorrow afternoon (Monday). In accordance to Denver law, anyone that is arrested in a domestic violence cases is not allowed to post-bond to leave jail without first seeing a judge.