In a tragic turn of events, the director of ‘America’s Next Top Model’, named James Howe, has died from the results of a home invasion last month. Currently the Los Angeles police are investigating the murder, which took place at the home of the reality TV director on November 27, 2013.
According to The Los Angeles Times, James Howe (42) has now past away, his wife was seriously wounded in the, now fatal, attack at their rented home. According to the reports, Police have stated that Howe and his wife answered the door for what was believed to be a salesman, when the door was open two men and a woman entered the home. The reports indicate that after a short struggle, one of the intruders (a male) pulled a gun and opened fire. Not harmed was the couple’s 6-year-old son,
Police Chief of the Los Angeles Deputy Dept, Jose Perez, stated that there appears to be no motive, and the attack was random. There have been no arrests at this time.