Writer from LOST, Drew Goddard, set to write and direct Daredevil for Netflix

As Mugatu would say Comic-book adaptations are ‘So hot right now’. With the success of Arrow on the CW and its spinoff ‘Flash’ coming soon, Man of Steel and The Avengers at the box-office, its no surprise that Netflix wants more of the action. Marvel has now confirmed that the writer of “Lost” and “Alias” (Drew Goddard) has been chosen to write and direct the pilot episode for a Netflix adaptation of the Daredevil series.
Fans may also now the famed writer from his work on “Cabin in the Woods” or even “Cloverfield,” he will also be named show runner and an executive producer of the 13-episode series. You have a while to wait however the show is set to premiere in 2015. Netflix continues to expand in all aspect of original content, with “Orange is the New Black” and “House of Cards” leading the way and pioneering the industry.
As for Daredevil himself (Matt Murdock) he was summarized, as the son of prize fighter Battlin’ Jack, “who constantly pressed him to study instead of playing with his friends. In turn, they taunted him with the nickname Daredevil since he always went back to studying (or secretly training in his father’s gym) instead of doing things with them.”
Daredevil gained his powers when he was hit by a truck saving a man’s life, the truck was carrying “extremely toxic chemicals” that were projected onto his face. Though the accident blinded him, it gave him powers to sense the wold around him like never before.

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