Final Fantasy XIV fans are probably itching to get some new content by now. In the latest Producers Letter, which was aired just last week, the producer gave an outline covering a few of the new system updates and previewed the new content that fans can expect with the new update.
Now you have a trailer for the A Realm Awoken patch, showing off an impressive 10-minutes of the new content that fans can get their hands on. Since there is so much new content, Square Enix also added a new website for A Realm Awoken that goes into details about the upcoming content.
There will be new bosses, new lore and stories to uncover, and the PvP system called The Wolf’s Den, The new Crystal Tower: Labyrinth of the Ancients, and Thornmatch. You will also get new quests, a housing system and other goodies on December 17, 2013.
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