More of Bruce Wayne’s training will be revealed in the “Initiation” DLC that will be released in December. The DLC focuses on the life and trials of Bruce in a monastery, where he of course fights ninjas on a daily basis.
Warner Bros. Games vice president Ames Kirshen confirmed the DLC, that will contain “a little bit of narrative” for December. Kirshen described the DLC as a “new kind of challenge map pack that’s got a little bit of a narrative to it”, there will also be three new non-story DLC packs. The first being, “The Infinite Earths Skins Pack” which contains the following six new costumes: Earth 2 Dark Knight, Long Halloween, Batman, Batman: Dark Knight of the Round Table, Thrillkiller Batman, Earth 2 Batman. The Tim Drake Robin (available in multiplayer mode only on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC).
You will also be able to pick up the “Black Mask Challenge Pack”, previously available only as a pre-order bonus, and the “Online Supply Drop #1”, which offers additional multiplayer clothing and weapons.