There is nothing more dangerous to a gamer’s wallet than a good STEAM sale from Valve. The company kicked off its annual ‘Autumn Sale’ earlier today, marking down titles left and right to make ready for the holiday season.
Titles received a price-cut anywhere from 33% up to 80% off selected digital titles. There are a few gems on the list if you skipped them earlier this year or last. Major releases like Sleeping Dogs and The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim sit atop the list at incredible princes. Other digital titles may be smaller in stature, but the discounts are larger than ever. STEAM will be offering new deals every day for the next week, adding a few flash sales to the mic to keep things interesting. The Steam Autumn Sale runs from today until Dec. 3.
Day One includes Prison Architect – $14.99, The Walking Dead – $6.24, Terraria – $2.49, Left 4 Dead 2 – $4.99, Sleeping Dogs – $4.99, Rogue Legacy – $5.09, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim – $7.49, Antichamber – $4.99, Outlast – $6.79, with the flash sale currently offering Crysis 2 – $7.49, Space Hulk – $10.19, Castle Story – $13.39, HammerWatch – $3.39.
Under $5 you can get indie and AAA titles like Fez, FTL, Portal 2, Surgeon Simulator 2013 and other titles on the cheap. Also marked down is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Gone Home, The Orange Box and more.
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