Taylor-Swift-RoyaltyIt’s not often that country-stars and British Royalty mix, but the pop-sensation Taylor Swift seemed at ease when meeting members of the Royal Family in Kensington Palace. Swift was present as part of a celebrity event that was hosted by Prince William late Tuesday night.
Another guests was the popular Jon Bon Jovi, the event itself was of course for charity and proceeds went to Prince William’s youth homelessness charity called Centrepoint. At the Winter Whites Galam Swift stated, “It’s positively magical here,” adding, “There are fairy lights and there is fake snow falling from the sky and everything is just gorgeous. I am just very lucky to be here.”
Swift not only attended the event, but also performed and beforehand Swift told reporters, “I don’t think I have ever played in a palace before. So it will be really wonderful. This evening is so special … it is for a charity that as well as being very important to Prince William is also very important to me.”
The beloved Princess Kate was not at the event during the performances, she was at home with the newest member of the Royal family, Prince George. The charity has been a tradition in the Royal Family starting with the late Princess Diana.